Donating in Tribute

In Memory

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A memorial gift to SAVIS of Halton is a special way to honour the memory of a departed loved one, friend or colleague. The gift may be made by you alone or by a group of people such as your family, neighbours or fellow co-workers.

We would be pleased to notify the bereaved of your gift by sending them a personalized sympathy card. The amount of your in memoriam donation will not be included in the card. We’ll also send you a tax receipt.

In Honour

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Celebrate a special occasion, a personal achievement or a special friend or relative with an In Honour gift to SAVIS of Halton. Your donation will lend additional meaning to the occasion and the person you are honouring will appreciate your thoughtfulness. SAVIS will directly send a card on your behalf to acknowledge your gift.

In memoriam and honour gifts can be made by going to Canada Helps or by contacting SAVIS