Volunteer Spotlight

Sarah Peardon, SAVIS Volunteer
Sarah Peardon, SAVIS Volunteer

Sarah Peardon has been volunteering with SAVIS since January of 2013! Sarah began her journey with SAVIS in community outreach and quickly completed her frontline training in October of 2013. Sarah has since been an active and dedicated member of the crisis line. Sarah demonstrates her passion for helping others through her selflessness and continual voice of support!

When Sarah was asked what led her to SAVIS she stated the following:

“After completing my BA in Psychology I wanted to find a way to put some of that knowledge to use and gain some real life experience.  I have always been interested in counselling, and one of my friends suggested I get involved with SAVIS.  She had been with SAVIS for a few years, and had nothing but amazing things to say about the staff, the volunteers and the work that they do to help women and the community. Having gone though some personal trials myself, I immediately felt a connection to the work SAVIS does, and wanted to help in any way I could.  

I was very excited to learn that SAVIS provided thorough and in-depth training to all frontline volunteers, and I asked to sign up right away.   The next frontline training wasn’t for a few months, so I decided to volunteer for community outreach in the meantime.   In this volunteer position, I got to attend different events and go to different locations all over Halton to let the community know about SAVIS and the services we offer.  It felt good to be able to supply information and a line of support to anyone who asked at our booth.

The frontline training was not only thorough and informative; it was a great experience to engage with a group of women that all had the same desire and interest to give back.  It was moving, and challenging and fun.  The staff and volunteers at SAVIS really do care about others, and I am proud to volunteer my time to such an admirable organization. “Thank you Sarah for your commitment to the fight against sexual assault and violence! You truly are an inspiration to many and a force to be reckoned with!