Complaint Policy

Client Complaints: Procedure

Clients receiving support services at SAVIS have the right to file a concern about the counsellor, a volunteer or the services at SAVIS.

If the concern is about a direct service provider or volunteer, survivors have the right to address their concerns directly with this person.

If the survivor does not feel comfortable addressing it with this person directly, the survivor has the right to contact the Supervisor by phone, in person or by mail to ask for a meeting to address the concern.

If the concern is about the Supervisor, the survivor has the right to contact the Executive Director.

If the concern is about the Executive Director, the survivor has the right to file a complaint with the Board of Directors.

If doing so in writing, the survivor may address her concerns via mail at:

SAVIS of Halton, 1515 Rebecca Street, Suite 227, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 5G8

If doing so verbally, the survivor may address their concerns in person or by calling the Executive Director at 905-825-3622.

Client complaints will be addressed with management and/or board member.  An appropriate response and course of action will be identified.  The client will be advised of the outcome.

In addition to this process, clients can provide an anonymous evaluation of any SAVIS services.  This helps to ensure that staff is providing appropriate support, and to help us address remaining support or access needs in the community.

Clients can contact SAVIS for an anonymous evaluation at any time. Submit completed evaluations via email, phone or in writing to:

SAVIS of Halton

Phone: 905-825-3622


1515 Rebecca Street, Suite 227

Oakville, Ontario

L6L 5G8


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