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Do you want to host an event to benefit SAVIS?

SAVIS is proud to work with a variety of individuals, organizations and corporations who choose to support our mission by hosting their own fundraising programs.

The guidelines below will  help you be successful in the event by giving us some information about your efforts to fund raise for SAVIS of Halton.

For More information, contact: Manager, Development, Shelagh Nuttall  savis@savisofhalton.org


For approved third party events/promotions, the Third Party Event Organizer(s) and SAVIS of Halton are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

The SAVIS Brand

  • It is important for SAVIS to uphold brand integrity and consistency in dealing with the public. The use of SAVIS logo is permitted for third party fundraisers.
  • The use of the SAVIS name is permitted only with SAVIS approval.

Promotional Materials

  • SAVIS will have final, signed approval on ALL promotional materials.(brochures, flyers, advertisements, public and media communications)
  • SAVIS must review and approve all promotional materials (including, but not limited to, letters, brochures, press releases, flyers, and advertising) prior to distribution.
  • SAVIS name is not permitted on any product packaging.
  • All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds or portion of ticket price that will be donated to SAVIS.

Financing and Insurance

Only the final net proceeds will be processed by SAVIS. Under no circumstances will third party revenues and expenses flow through the SAVIS.

SAVIS will not underwrite any third party event, and SAVIS insurance will not cover third party events.

Donations and Sponsorship

Applications will provide a list of sponsors who will be asked for support, including a description of their donation and/or sponsorship, plus its retail value as well as contact information. This information will allow the SAVIS to better recognize partners within the community.

SAVIS will not solicit sponsors on behalf of Third Party Event Organizer(s), nor will they provide contacts for sponsorships.

Gaming (Including Raffles, 50/50 Sales and Licenses)

Third party events involving licenses and fees will conform to government regulations; (federal, provincial and municipal) including requirements by the licensing body on the distribution and use of funds. It is the sole responsibility of the Third Party Event Organizer(s) to fill out and submit all such applications. Third Party Event Organizer(s) will pay the fees for said licenses and are responsible for filing post event forms/reports.


Third Party Event Organizer(s) will:

  • Keep a record of revenues and expenses for submission to SAVIS if requested.
  • Provide periodic status reports to the SAVIS on an agreed-upon basis.
  • Provide reasonable notice of any third party event cancellation.
  • Will inform the SAVIS if the third party event is to benefit other charity partners.
  • Will be responsible for any financial losses or unsettled accounts.

Third Party Event Organizer(s) will not:

Name SAVIS in, or sign contracts on behalf of Third Party Event Organizer(s) without SAVIS’s written consent.