Male Ally Network

Statistically, men are the greatest perpetrators of violence, regardless of the victim or survivor’s gender. This is supported by statistics from Statistics Canada that reported in 2016, 75% of homicide victims and 86% of homicide accused were male. These findings have remained relatively stable over the past 11 years for homicide victims and since the beginning of collection in 1961 for homicide accused. In addition, “data from the United States for the period 1980 to 2008, for example, shows that men were responsible for 90% of the murders committed during that period. Like Canada, men are also the major victims of violent crime at 77%.

SAVIS’s Male Ally Network (M.A.N) recognizes that the responsibility for stopping sexual violence, intimate partner violence, assault, street harassment and homicide lie not with the survivors and victims, but on the perpetrators. While most perpetrators of violence are men, most men are not perpetrators of violence. To this end, M.A.N. seeks to engage men and boys to utilize their privilege as males to engage other men and boys in the conversation around consent, privilege, and healthy masculinity.

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Delta Bingo Oakville

SAVIS of Halton wishes to thank Delta Bingo Oakville for supporting our counselling services. Delta Bingo and Gaming in Oakville has started with Bingo only Fri-Sun at 7 pm bingo session.


A Men's Issue

A look at Gender-based Violence in Canada

Ally-ship 101

Allyship 101 is an introductory to oppression, privilege, and the role of the ally.

Understanding Modern Masculinity

M.A.N. seeks to engage men, boys and individuals who identify as males to end gender-based violence, and to advocate the role that they can play in counteracting the culture of violence that exists in Halton and eventually wider Canada.

Calling In

Rape Culture in the 21st Century – Much like calling out, the goal of calling in is to change a problematic behaviour. Calling in can be useful to avoid making others feel ostracized, and is a personable approach

Cyber Bullying

A school talk presented by the Male Ally Coordinator

Cyber Violence & Internet Safety

A presentation for parents

The M.A.N. Program & Sexual Violence

A high school talk presented by the Male Ally Coordinator

What makes a Man?

A presentation for take back the night 2016

Unlearning Misogyny

Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, ideas of male privilege, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification.

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