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Our Goal and Mission

The aim of public education at SAVIS is to use education and awareness to end all forms of violence. SAVIS offers public education workshops and presentations to schools, community members, and service providers  in Halton. All workshops and presentations are inclusive, interactive, and modifiable in order to suit your needs and reach a broad audience  as we are committed to proactive, preventative education for all.

As part of our commitment to preventive education, there is no cost associated with any presentation or workshop for schools and other not-for-profit community members.

Our presentations and workshops are divided into two main categories: 1) sexual health, violence prevention, and mental health, and 2) anti-human trafficking. Below you will find a list of presentations within these topics,as well as a brief summary.

Main Topics: Sexual Health, Violence Prevention, & Mental Health

Each presentation uses a variety of learning methods including discussion, video clips, and interactive activities. In our commitment to education, SAVIS continually works with community members and researchers in developing new presentations and workshop content  that meet the needs of our community. Each presentation is approximately an hour in length, though can be extended to meet your needs. Condensing presentations is difficult and therefore not recommended, but we are happy to discuss modifications as needed.

Introduction to SAVIS

This presentation provides overview of the services SAVIS offers, including a break-down of the processes of accessing services, and the modes of services delivery. The who, what, when, where why and how of SAVIS.

Consent and Bodily Integrity

Introductions to the concepts of consent and bodily integrity, including age appropriate definitions and case studies are the main focuses of this presentation. Topics covered include consent FRIES(freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic specific), and what is not consent.

Bystander Intervention

The focus of theses presentations are why bystander intervention is necessary, tools to intervene safely, and scenarios where these tools will be useful. Real world scenarios are used, and the bystander effect is explained in order to demonstrate why bystander intervention is so important.


Healthy relationships are defined and described, with greater discussion about what it means to be in a healthy relationship at the forefront of this presentation. Relationships are discussed in the context of friendship for younger students, and romantic relationships for older students. Older students are also informed about tendencies in relationships(hurting).

Mental Health

These presentations centre on self care, emotional intelligence, and coping with emotions. Terms related to mental health are defined, types of emotions are discussed, and coping strategies are detailed in context.


Sexual, Intimate Partner, Gender-Based Violence Supports

The umbrella of sexual violence is outlined, followed by explanations of sexual, intimate partner, and gender-based violence in particular. For younger students, importance is placed on ownership and boundaries of one’s body. and for older students sexual violence is discussed in relation to the media, the law and intersectionality.

Gender Identities, Gender, and Body Image

Gender identification, sexual orientation, and body image are each defined and explained. particular attention is paid to the ways in which the media informs each of these concepts, and how they interact in relationship and society more generally.

Safe Sex

Safe sex practices are defined and elaborated upon, beginning with discussions about sexuality and sexual orientation. Importance is placed on the understanding that sex is more than an act, but rather as the whole notion being sexually healthy. Topics of discussion include the ways in which values inform views of sex, shame and stigma, and tools for remaining sexually healthy.

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Community/Agency Presentations

  • Talking About Sex with Kids
  • Consent and Reporting Sexual Assault
  • Online Sexual Harassment
  • Trauma Informed Practices
  • Safety Planning
  • Self Care for Caregivers or Folks Supporting Survivors
  • Feminism

Business/Corporate Presentations

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Workplace Bystander Intervention
  • Cultivating a Culture of Consent
  • Reporting Sexual Assault
  • Understanding Sexuality
  • Anti-Abuse and Anti-Violence
  • The Importance of Language

Supplementary Topics

The following topics are common customizations or add on pieces to our main presentation topics, in case you are looking for some inspiration or have a specific need for a sub-topic. Please also keep in mind that by adding a supplementary topic to your request, the length of the presentation will also likely increase by approximately 10 minutes.

  • Social Media
  • Boundaries
  • Impacts of Language
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Allyship

Table of School-Based Presentations

For your convenience, we have listed our presentations as they correspond to the various grade levels and school curriculum’s in the Halton District and Halton Catholic District School Boards below. Each main topic can be modified to be appropriate for each age group, as demonstrated by the different titles and descriptions corresponding to the primary, middle, and secondary school grade levels.

Main Topic Primary School            (K-5) Middle School (6-8) High School (9-12)
Consent and Bodily Integrity My Body Belongs to Me Consent 101 Why is consent complicated
Bystander Intervention Anti-Bullying Draw The Line 1 Draw The Line 2
Mental Health Coping with Emotions Coping with  Emotions
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence


For more information on the Education Program, or to book a free presentation for schools and youth programs please contact:

Public Educator

Tele: 905-825-3622 x 26


Anti-Human Trafficking

Our Anti-Human Trafficking Public Education program has a preventative, proactive presentation which delves deeper into a variety of topics related to sex trafficking. This 1-hour long presentation covers the basics of what is human trafficking, why this is happening within Halton, and preventative steps. We offer this program to grades 8-12.

    • Introduction to Human Trafficking 
      Presentation Includes:
    • The stages of sex trafficking,
    • The stages of manipulation,
    • Sex trafficking statistics in Canada,
    • The impact of trafficking within Halton,
    • Risk factors, signs of sexual exploitation,
    • Barriers for seeking help,
    • And steps you can take within the community.

For more information on the Anti-Human Trafficking Education Program, or to book a free presentation for schools and youth programs please contact:

Anti-Human Trafficking 

Tele: 905-825-3622


As our commitment to education, SAVIS continually works with community members in developing new presentations and workshops that meet the needs of our community.Each presentation uses a variety of learning methods including discussion, video clips, and interactive activities.

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Meet our Public Educator

Nisha (she/her) –  Public Educator  

Nisha facilitates presentations and workshops on topics relating to sexual health, violence prevention, and mental health. Nisha graduated with an Honours BA in Social Development Studies and Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Waterloo. Nisha is eager to engage in critical conversations in our community through our presentations. Please contact Nisha with any inquiries about SAVIS of Halton’s public education presentations at