Sexual Violence Information

woman-standingSexual violence is any unwanted or forced sexual acts, comments, gestures, or visuals. Sexual violence includes but is not limited to:

        • Sexual harassment
        • Sexual assault
        • Rape and attempted rape
        • Forced kissing / touching / fondling
        • Incest and childhood sexual abuse
        • Forcing a person to watch pornography

A survivor is NEVER responsible for any sexual violence. Sexual violence is against the law!


TBTN 2021

TBTN 2021

It’s that time of year again folks! SAVIS will be hosting Take Back the Night 2021 on Thursday, September 16th at 6:00pm, virtually via zoom. More information will be released shortly, however here are some key details about this year’s TBTN. The Ontario wide TBTN theme is A Survivor’s Dream, placing emphasis on survivor centric…