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The Step Into Self Love

The Step Into Self Love for SAVIS Raffle collected and curated the perfect self love bundle featuring art, jewellery and other wellness products from Canadian small businesses and creators! The bundle contains everything you need to find power in self love and self care with goodies such as candles, socks, earrings and balms! It also features the work of numerous Halton and Hamilton artists whose pieces focus on empowering female-presenting and queer individuals in finding their paths with authenticity and ease.”

Sami Makay – Artist

Sami McKay is a Canadian artist, writer and student. Her pronouns are she/they. She is currently studying Sociology and Peace and Conflict Studies with a minor in Religion and Culture at an Ontario university. She also has a background in small business studies and art. Ms. McKay has been trained in realism and modern cartooning and has found herself practicing art at a happy medium. She is inspired by the world around her and often takes inspiration from the various cultures, beliefs and doctrines that she approaches in her studies. Ms. McKay believes there is truth in each of our experiences and aims to display through art and writing, the universal desire to heal and connect as humans.

Raffle opens : April 25th Please click on the website below: