Volunteer at SAVIS

“I have been a passionate and dedicated frontline volunteer with SAVIS for many years. SAVIS has received countless accolades for their committed service provided to the community – the volunteers and staff are compassionate, caring and professional leaders who drive the success of the organization. Volunteering has enabled me to provide caring, non-judgmental support to courageous survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence. The simple act of listening, caring and providing support can create the biggest impact to an individual – it can lead to turning negative situations into positive potentials.”

SAVIS Volunteer, 2015

Join SAVIS’ Dedicated and Passionate Volunteer Team!

We encourage volunteers to assist in many aspects of SAVIS’ work. Volunteers are called upon to staff the Public Outreach booths, provide support to callers on the 24 hour support and crisis line, staff bingo events as well as many other vital volunteer opportunities.

We offer extensive training that will educate and prepare you for working with our agency and supporting the community. SAVIS also provides monthly volunteer meetings where volunteers have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and connect with one another.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Crisis/Support Line Worker (Woman-identified and genderfluid people, 18+); 40 hours of training with a commitment of 20 hours per month.

Provide immediate support, crisis intervention and community resources to callers on the SAVIS 24 hour support and crisis line. Callers may have questions about their own experiences of abuse, or those of a friend or loved one. Callers may be in the process of coping with a recent or historical incident of violence and need emotional support or help in coping with a challenging situation.

Public Outreach/Information Booth Worker (Woman-identified, male-identified, genderfluid people, 18+); 6 hours of training.

Spread awareness of sexual violence and the services of SAVIS throughout the Halton Region by staffing information booths. Youth between the ages of 14 and 18 are able to staff some booths based on the booth location and topics.

Senior Leader Volunteer (Woman-identified and genderfluid people, 45+); 7 hours of Senior Circle training.

A unique opportunity to assist with facilitating discussion circles with seniors in the community about topics including elder abuse, social isolation, neglect, inter-familial violence and inter-generational conflict.  This opportunity requires the successful completion of the Senior Leader volunteer training by SAVIS staff, free of cost.

Other senior leader opportunities include Public outreach with SAVIS booths/fundraising, crisis support line worker and/or office administration.

Male Ally Network (male-identified persons, 14+); 14 hours of training.

Engage men and boys to help end violence in your community through education and community event participation.  Become a role model for other male-identified people in your life, and help to challenge what it means to “Be a Man.”

Office Administration (Woman-identified and genderfluid people, 18+); 6 hours of training.

Help out in the SAVIS office by completing tasks such as answering the phone, photocopying, shredding and greeting clients.

Special Events/Fundraising (female-identified, male-identified and genderfluid people, 18+); 6 hours of training.

SAVIS hosts multiple events throughout the year including Lunafest (a women’s film festival) and Take Back the Night (an anti-violence rally and march). Be an integral part of organizing these events by attending meetings, spreading the word and attaining sponsors.

Bingo Worker (Open to all, 19+); 6 hours of non-frontline training plus 2 hours of Bingo training.

One to three times a month the SAVIS bingo team helps run a charity bingo session. As a bingo volunteer you will greet bingo patrons and share information about SAVIS’ services.

Board of Directors (Woman-identified and genderfluid people, 18+); 6 hours of training.

SAVIS of Halton is Seeking Diverse Members to Sit on Our Board of Directors!

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to provide free, confidential, and non-judgmental 24-hour support to all survivors of violence including women, men, and members of the transgender and gender-fluid community.  We advocate against violence in the community at large and promote prevention through community education.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide an environment and resources to support, educate and empower survivors.
  • Listen, understand and validate survivors in a non-judgmental and supportive space.
  • Be sensitive to all survivors’ choices and life circumstances.
  • Enable survivors to have a voice by providing support and resources.
  • Foster respect and confidentiality at all times for survivors.
  • Promote anti-discrimination policies on race, culture, sexual orientation, religion and ability.
  • Partner with other organizations to meet the needs of women in the community.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees and guides the management of SAVIS in accordance with the strategy and governing policies and regulations of the organization from a feminist anti-oppressive framework. The Board consists of up to 9 directors and directors may be appointed for up to two two-year terms. The Executive Committee of SAVIS is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected from the board of directors. There are other Board committees, and a board orientation will be provided. Board members are expected to commit to regularly scheduled monthly meetings virtually or in person.

Directors are expected to serve on one or more Board committees, that meet an average of 6 times a year and each committee is required to be chaired by a director.

Directors are expected to attend 12-monthly evening Board meetings of approximately 2-3 hours duration.

Directors are encouraged to engage at SAVIS ‘ expense, in courses and seminars related to the roles and responsibilities of directors and financial affairs of the organization.

Director Qualifications:

Preferred Knowledge

  • Understands and commits to the Mission and Values of SAVIS
  • Understands the socio-economic climate and aspirations of the general public in the areas of Halton served by SAVIS
  • Directors must understand Gender-Based Violence, Violence against Women, and Sexual Assault
  • Understanding of Anti-Racist and Anti Oppression Intersectional Feminist Practices including intersectionality, anti-racism best practices, and knowledge of the relationship between privilege, oppression, and social location
  • Understands the fundamentals of the social services sector within the Region of Halton
  • Understands principles of governance and management of charitable organizations
  • Understands By-laws, legal and fiduciary duties and responsibilities of directors

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Experience developing policies and strategic plans
  • Overseeing and evaluating budgets, contracts and agreements
  • Evaluating financial statements
  • Experience with community services, funding agencies and government relations
  • Expertise in at least one of the following: human resources, fundraising, accounting, legal, information technology, marketing, business administration, corporate management, labour relations, and education or women services.
  • Ability to relate effectively with fellow directors and senior management in a consensus building framework.
  • Directors need to have an understanding of Gender Base Violence
  • Understanding of Anti-Racist and Anti Oppression Intersectional Feminist Practices
  • Understanding of sexual assault
  • Members are expected to support SAVIS at SAVIS hosted events, annual meeting, Take Back the Night, fundraising events and community awareness events.

We strongly encourage folks who are BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ to apply. We strongly encourage folks with lived experiences to apply.

Contact:  Please send letter and resume to:  boardofdirectors@savisofhalton.org

How to Apply

Joining the Board of Directors is a great opportunity for those who want to be deeply involved with SAVIS.

How to get started:

Fill out the appropriate application below and email it to the SAVIS email address stated in the application. Once we receive your application we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Volunteer Application Form

Frontline Volunteer Application.

Non-Frontline Volunteer Application.

Board of Directors Application.

For more information, contact Shelagh@savisofhalton.org.